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Sept 16 2010

Teaching in Taiwan Inspires a Novel about the Reality of living in Asia

Calgary, AB-

in Taiwan from 1994- 2004, and like many others he went overseas full of optimism

about the work he was about to embark upon.

However, the reality of teaching in a foreign country soon became clear to him as he

struggled with cultural differences, traditional history, and an overwhelming sense of

entrapment. His experiences form the basis of his fictional novel



“The book is very much based on my experiences, and other foreigner’s experiences in

Taiwan. I lived the realities of life and purveyed them in the novel. Many people in this

life are limited or entombed in their cultures and ways of thinking that are inculcated into

them. I wanted to open up people’s eyes to the reality of living in Asia and teaching in

that country,” says Burn who now teaches elementary school in Calgary.

According to Oxford Seminars, there are over 20,000 ESL teaching jobs being

advertised each month all over the world, with Asia being one of the most popular places

to teach. In

fictional sense; however, the reality is, not everyone adjusts to their new surroundings.

Burn hopes his novel will both inspire and caution those who are seeking an escape

from their world. “I’d like to think that those reading the book will gain some insight into

the foreign cultures that they are stepping into. Going to another country doesn’t mean

freedom from the one they are leaving. It could mean the exact opposite. The city of

Chilung, for me, was one of those places,” says Burn.

Author, teacher, and former journalist Miles Burn taught English overseasThe Chicken Cage:a stark, gripping book that describes the reality faced by many overseasThe Chicken Cage: Chilung the reality of culture shock is examined in aFor more information, about Miles Burn and his book visit


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