The Encounter

20 02 2017


The garage door yawned, to let the van go

Where it crawled through the crisp morning

To the near-vacant lot to let him out

So he could glide down the stream of concrete

Bounded by hardened topographical snow mounds

To the wooden door of the busy character café

He saw her, made eye contact, instantly interested

Got his mug of pungent coffee from the cocky boy

Went and sat down and was enthralled

By a woman who had so much to share

Who had him engaged so that time went away

Everything went away, except the moments and her

When the roar of caffeinated patrons began to gallop

They subtly escaped to the nearby cozy deli

To share a simple bowl of tangy soup

For more delicious conversation and warm sharing

He had not felt like this since the previous century

While they talked he knew that his prayers had been heard

Someone he felt so natural with, who was so very for real

On the way out they hugged each other goodbye

He ventured home feeling like the van was floating

His mind remaining in the café and friendly deli

With the fantastic, magical time he had encountered

For the rest of the day and all the next

He could not bring himself to stop thinking about her




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