Surreal Roiling Clouds

10 11 2015


In divine warm autumn skies, as the pale sun began to rest, all manner of magical clouds slowly roiled in a surreal sky. The father questioned, “What are those ones, up high, and what do they predict?”

“Cirrus clouds. A change in the weather,” the sky-gazing boy observed.

“What about the puffy one, closer to us?”

“Cumulus, Dad.”

“And, the ones which are longer and further up?”

The boy pondered, and slowly exhaled, “Stratus?”

“Yes! Also, what are the ones to the west which are darker?”


“That’s partly right, but when clouds are darker what are they called, and what happens with them?”

“They’re nimbus! Look, Dad! You can see it’s snowing in the mountains!”

A valuable experience to share, for a father and son.




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