It’s ‘Only’ a Paper Cup?

30 01 2015


An everyday paper coffee cup

Started with a crispy spruce cone

On a moss-laden quiet forest floor

Where sunbeams sent loving arms

Through bracing misty air

And soft breezes sent the seeds

To peacefully tumble into loamy nests


Refreshing rain and the dawn’s dew

Led the eternal seed to ease into life

Silently connected to everything everywhere

Reaching up in all weather and seasons

To become a towering parent and provider

Rooted firmly in a cyclical community

Until ironic maturity led to a rapacious saw


Made into boards for creaky homes

Pounded into nebulous bleached pulp

Chemically modified and recycled

To become mass-produced cups

Transformed into uniform stacks of vessels

To be mindlessly used and thrown away

It’s ‘only’ a paper cup?



Midlife Crisis

4 01 2015



Midlife Crisis


Life is a stale bag of dry, slightly burnt, popcorn

Nothing much is enticing nor brings escape

From feelings of remoteness and isolation

Regrets that time has deliberately oozed away


Being is a repetitive routine of similar scenarios

An aging laboratory rodent scrabbling in another maze

Jaundiced and jaded outlooks for the new subjects

Knowing idealism will fade as the wrinkles sprout


He’s paid his dues and we’ll throw a standard party

Worn-out jokes, inflated speeches and cheap cake

When he’s soon gone I’ll be the elder statesman

Surviving and balding, staring in the cruel mirror


This mundane road turns on my way home

I’ve stopped here over 2,000 monotonous times

I hardly notice it as it is as familiar as breathing

A dirty winding slab of cracking heaving asphalt


On arthritic knees I take the familiar pathway

To escape the views of walls and ceilings

The grass is lifeless and the skies dismal

Trudging along and lost in a flow of anguish


Sober passion has become a dim memory

Money does not purchase blithe blissfulness

Time means nothing; it’s all a prescription blur

Spine alert creeping from moderate to severe


Life becomes a constant yearning to transcend

The everyday petty power plays of small minds

Daydreams of living in a world of simple choices

Instead of being a commodity with an expiry date