The Beauty of Impermanent Sand Castles

27 12 2013


Sand Castles, metaphors for how life is so changeable and transient. It is not so important how nice the sand castles look, nor whose is better than whose, nor if they get completely tweaked before the next rogue wave engulfs them. Instead, the beauty is in the act of creating the castles and frantically putting protective moats to surround them in the hopes that they will make it through the next surging oceanic onslaught. Also, if someone accidently crushes a  proud turret — decorated with smooth stones and bits of sea shells — while stomping by that is an opportunity to rebuild. Reforming, shifting locations, joking about the last castle that is now a ruin, chattering at the naughty ocean for reclaiming her sand, simply enjoying the moments, no comparisons, not conscious of time, feeling the sands’ grittiness, the smells of salt and sunburn, hearing the eternal ocean, perceiving ponderous pelicans . . . . A way of being, rather than striving to become the king of impermanence.