Death by Fat

12 02 2013


For our wellbeing, processed saturated fat fare is no better, or is worse, than chain smoking or beer guzzling. The glitzy, garish fast food advertisements make these chemically engineered items appear attractive and so affordable, with vibrant slim actors blissfully biting into them. When I was trapped in a hospital bed for five days recently I was appalled at the number of commercials blaring from the TV screen, preaching the discount fast food gospel. Buy one, get one free; two for the price of one. This ‘scrumptious’ single cheese burger is $1.99, a double $2.99 and a, WOW, triple $3.99. Deep fried breaded chicken, shrimp, ribs, french fries and giant hot dogs (cow lips and arseholes) smothered in processed cheese, sour cream and simulated bacon bits. Lightly cremated potato skins with greasy meat, cheese, and any other high calorie death-by-grease addition you can choose from the exultant menu. Hey, you are free to choose your death, no? I rarely eat these sorts of engineered ‘foods’, and seldom watch TV. I resort to the goggle box only when I am extremely bored and usually choose to watch an oldie movie, rather than the sitcom tripe and plastic series that come out today. While lying in state in hospital, I resorted to the mute button for the commercials which encourage obesity. There is, indeed, something rotten in Denmark when advertisements for fat-laden chemically engineered substances, combined with refined-flour ‘bread’ have become somewhat of a cacophonous tele-evangelical religion. These unnatural ‘foods’ are a slow suicide, and there should be government warnings on each and every one. We are in a situation where poor people are resorting to these things because healthy alternatives are more expensive. Consuming items laced with antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, dioxins, anonymous animal parts and other non-naturals leads to creeping health issues and environmental devastation. The worrisome rise in breast, prostate and colon cancers is no accident. Obesity is becoming epidemic, and the issues resulting from it are legion – diabetes, stroke, heart disease, bone stress, breakdown of organs, just to name a few. We live in a abnormal world where greed for gain takes precedent over all else. Subsidizing mass meat and corn production leads to lower prices for poisonous ‘food’. While many blindly stuff their gobs with preservatives to speed up their own expiry dates, we continue to not only destroy ourselves but the world around us.