Boxing Day Hell!

27 12 2012


The image we see here incarnates the absurdity and arrogance we live in, with people blindly obsessed with a culture of materialistic prestige and superficial appearances rather than the tangible and spiritual. I ran into an acolyte of our foul culture, an entitled materialistic pretentious twit, today during the holiday season in a shopping mall parking lot. Clearly, she and her partner had no God. The irony of the Christmas season in our day and age is that Jesus would likely go out on the day after his birthday to tip over all the merchants’ tables and drive the sinners away as he did later in life. His dwelling was meant to be a house of prayer, but became an avaricious and selfish venue until he put a stop to it. Don’t our concrete malls, with overflowing parking lots measure up to this? The spirit of Christmas is null and void in a world driven by sense gratification, electronics and the tasteless pursuit of materialism. A ‘living’ metaphor for Hell is going shopping on Boxing Day. I went shopping some years ago on the day after Christmas, and stated I would never go again. I broke that vow and went again today, with the knowledge that it would be ‘interesting’. I despise shopping, and leave it to my wife, who can smell a bargain like a shark smells blood. Almost every item I wear, or have, has been bought by my wife who is much wiser about the price of everything. To me value is far and away from any callous, artificially magnanimous shopping mall.

My wife wanted to take all three of our children shopping at a mall, but I knew that my son would be cruelly tortured by the experience after about 30 minutes. So, I opted to take him to the horrid place separately, so he could use his Christmas money to buy some toys and then we would make an immediate exit. I knew what I was in for, and concentrated on getting through it. The only way to get a parking spot was to cruise the lot and wait for someone to leave, being just the ‘lucky one’ to immediately take the space. After 15 minutes, I pulled into a spot just when another person left and, halfway into the stall, had to hit the horn because someone was actually about to ram me. Next, there was a long blast from the other vehicle. I got into the spot, feeling lucky we were not hit. After that, I looked in my mirror to see a fellow with a lot of hair gel mouthing something followed by a woman appearing at my window. I rolled down the window, to hear, “Hey, BUDDY, WE were waiting for that spot!” I instantly noticed she must have spent a lot of time getting prepared for the trip to sin central. She had on the ersatz fashion sunglasses, hat, scarf, makeup, overcoat and bug-repellant-like perfume. Her presumptuous partner, safe in his late-model foreign SUV, appeared to have gotten all dolled up too. What a pretty boy! It was too obvious – plastic prestige. My ears picked up the woman’s vernacular, the ‘I’m a tough gal’ tone, and the appalling pretentiousness. These two were on a holy quest to the chain stores, where they obtusely buy into the lies of facades. My response was, “Oh, really? Alright, you can have the spot. Merry Christmas!” Plastic Princess frowned, obviously having expected an altercation, but I refused to give her that gift. She could not come up with a response and I did not expect a thank you, either. I found a much better spot within five minutes, from a nice person I waved to after she pulled out. I sincerely doubt the fashion slave I encountered learned anything. Did she and her partner have a merry Christmas? How much money was spent, and did they attend church for the event? I doubt the church visit, but do not need to assume that they are money-oriented lemmings charging to their doom. I think the icon she and her husband worship is in the image below. Where there is no spiritualism, there is not depth. Too many people are living in an electronic materialistic world where true spiritual meanings are per functionary and decency is dead. It does not surprise me that the Mayans foretold the end of the world for the 21st this month. It would seem that spiritually vacuous superficial ‘things’, not beings, are inheriting the earth – and, they certainly are not meek.