Writer’s Block

3 11 2012

Numb writer’s block seems to have slammed down upon me, especially since I have developed a nagging knee malady. For 45 days, I have been limping and in a lot of pain, due to a ligament problem on the inside of my left knee. The old black cane that has been in and out of storage for a quarter century is back out, and the paint on the handle is wearing off. The knee issue could be that it is a ligament becoming misaligned from the meniscus. Aggravating all this is the fact that I will have to wait up to a year for an MRI, to find out what’s up. I have been on anti-inflammatories – topical ointment and pills – along with a round of acupuncture, and am able to hobble about a bit better. The nagging pain remains, making me have to mostly sleep on my right side with elaborate pillow systems. It is so true that one gains a deeper appreciation of what ‘normal’ is when one loses something. For me, I have not been out on any sort of outdoor activity since the last weekend in September when my family visited scenic Grassi Lakes near Canmore, Alberta. I suggest you look at Google Images for the spot, as it is quite lovely to see aquamarine waters of various hues. Anyway, wondering what I should write about, I started to think I could write some family stories down – especially some from what my parents experienced in Britain during WW II. I still, however, have this persistent feeling that I should not try to write anything until I feel it is inspired. Digging up history makes me feel like I am getting older. ‘NOW’ sort of material is what I want to focus on. Inspiration, come back to me, please. . . .




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