Kayak Adventure!

14 07 2012

We recently ventured to Fairmont, B.C., for a family vacation and a highlight was certainly a two-hour kayak voyage in the vibrant wetlands which lie north of Lake Windermere. It took just a minute to get used to maneuvering the kayaks, and then we avidly plunged into the small odyssey.

On the way, we saw a deft osprey gliding, hovering and then diving for fish. Also, a magnificent Blue Heron lazily flapped around in the foreground of the pristine setting. Red Winged Blackbirds brazenly sang out in the waving bulrushes, randomly trilling “konk-a-reeeeee”. We were sure to glide to a stately beaver lodge, hoping to spy one of the buck-toothed rodents. Helen and I had had our kayak zipping along, with me timing my strokes to be on the opposite side of the vessel of her paddles.

It was invigorating to navigate through patches of sighing rushes, not quite knowing where we would end up. The voyage concluded with us heading back to the boat launch on Lake Windermere, grateful to have had such an enriching experience.