Engaging Eclipse!

21 05 2012








Solar eclipses – partial and full — do not come around that often, so it is a novelty to observe them. I vividly remember two that I actively witnessed – one in high school, and the other in 1990 while I was working with a surveyor. For today, May 20th, 2012, I was ready for the partial one we could see here in Calgary. I watched a Youtube clip last night, to find out how to make a pinhole camera so that my family could witness the event. The eclipse was at its peak at 7:14 p.m., and we were out for that. The veiled sun shone through the box’s pinhole, poked through a piece of foil, and the image of the eclipse shone upon the white screen (a simple rectangle of white paper) at the other end of the box. It was so, so emphatically engaging to watch the image of the phenomenon through the viewing hole. Around the peak time, the sunlight was muted, providing a surrealistic atmosphere. This spectacle was extra special because I think our children will remember this day for their lifetimes, each time they witness a solar eclipse.


Duck Eggs!

13 05 2012

Look at these beautiful duck eggs, which my son found beside the water in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park! I was sincerely grateful that nobody who was around did anything to disturb them. I hope the ducklings stand a chance, but am not holding my breath because the nest is right across from a picnic area. It was a lovely day out at the park, with plenty of sunlight and budding trees. Seeing the nest was a really nice way to end the hike we had in the pristine surroundings.