Looking to be Offended

24 12 2011


Please click on the link, to get a clearer image of ‘Looking to be Offended’.


Skating With Attitude

18 12 2011

It is always a pleasure to put on the blades, and roar around for a few laps. This especially goes well with an aggressive attitude.

An Urban Allegory

12 12 2011

The scurrying scared vole tries to flee

The perceived dangers crunching by

In the imprisoning snow surroundings

Futilely hoping there is some way out.

It madly flees one way up the ski track

And then darts in the opposite course

With the terror on one side and fence

On the other that gives no viable liberty.

Terrified it freezes in the hopes of

Blending into the landscape to escape

Hungry eyes and passing predators

It ultimately digs into the powdery snow.

The little vole thinks it could be safe

That it can live on for a while at least

If it hides its head away and is silent

While the world around it roars by.