27 11 2011

The roaring wind sends the frenetic crackling leaves

Charging like bounding galloping cavalry horses

Across the grass bending nearly to the dry ground.


An existential coyote darts around the street

Nowhere to flee to and everything is strange

As it bolts in vain to escape the imprisoning city.


Crippling gusts rattle the tattered plastic bags

On the metallic fences covered with trapped trash

As the evergreens hiss and bow to the gale’s might.


A desolate chain sways irregularly back and forth

Making a resonant haunting ting and dull clank

A lonely voice that speaks to no one from nowhere.


As the wind pushes from behind it carries me

Frogmarching me eastward in relentless spurts

While it tears the arms off the resisting trees.


The grass is an ocean of waves that submissively bend

All is in thrall to the wall and squalls of the Chinook

The spirit that brings us dry tempests from the west.


Chilly Day in Confederation Park

21 11 2011

I am truly grateful to have moved near to Confederation Park in Calgary, Alberta, because it offers a fantastic network of trails, along with picturesque views. Yesterday, I tried to brave a hike in minus 25 wind chills, but was not prepared and went on a short shivery jaunt instead. Today, I had all the necessary gear on and went from my house through Cochrane Park, and then all the way to the east end of Confederation Park. It was a crisp, invigorating stroll. It is always great to travel beside the stream in the area, to leave the city behind for a bit. Today, I wondered how the water fairies were faring under the shining ice covering the creek. I was curious if the stream has a name, too.