That ‘Feeling’

23 05 2011

Do you remember how engaging and fascinating even simple entertainments
were when you were a child? When something as commonplace as sunlight shining
through the clouds had you so fixated that there was neither past nor future?
How about just playing with bubbles? Now, who did not spend hours creating
these fleeting things and being so enraptured by it that it was always a case
of striving to create a bigger and more vivid ones, enjoying the shapes and the
colour spectrum in the experience? While my daughter Helen was creating
various-sized bubbles this evening, she and my son James were describing them,
saying things like: “That one’s just like a hippo!” and “Look at the size of
THAT one!” or “That one is a wobbly rainbow!” It is so much easier for children
to be so absorbed by these simple things, and I miss ‘that feeling’ I had so often
as a boy. Hearing a meadowlark trill on a beautiful magical morning, or
smelling the musty swamp while thousands of frogs chorused, or firing an arrow
into the big azure heavens and then chasing it to only launch it another time
and then dash after it again. . . .


Tree of Presence

13 05 2011

My son, James, brought home this tiny tree from school and insisted that I plant it. So, I took it to a large natural park near our house and put it in its new home. I made sure that I made the simple task in the ‘now’, rather than something meaningless. While I was walking, I made sure that I was focusing on the walk itself and not treating it as a means to getting to where I was destined. The author of a book I am reading states that it is important to have acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm in life if it is to be worth living so I kept that in my mind while digging a little hole, planting the tree and watering it. I really did enjoy it and was enthusiastic. I went so far as to photograph the moment after the sapling was installed, and now that moment is passed. I am now typing about that small precious moment. The next time I take my son to the park, I will be sure to take him to water the tree and I am sure he will be in full joyful acceptance of the moment. Also, he will certainly enjoy it and be wholly enthusiastic!

Pierce’s 77th Birthday

2 05 2011

A nice lady called Tree Landry gave us Pierce in the autumn of 2007. He had never, once, been outdoors. After we got him, I kept him inside for a week and then took Pierce out and placed him in the middle of our back yard. Peirce was smelling all the grass and trees, and even looked at the sky. Since that day, he has been a great lover of the outdoors. He has gotten in periodic scraps with other local cats on the prowl, and has the scars to prove it. Today he turned 11 years old in our years, which makes him 77 in cat years. He is quite spry for an old cat, as he was racing around the yard today and climbed nearly four metres up one of our trees (with only the aid of his razor sharp claws). In the photo above, Pierce is enjoying a tin of gourmet cat food with Temptations stuck on the top — his birthday cake. He ate the whole lot, by the afternoon. Then, he took a rest for a while inside his cat cave (he is sitting on top of it in the picture). I sometimes wish I was Pierce for a day, so that I could just be. We humans often are so focused on thoughts that we forget to be present, alert and engaged with what is happening now.