Hope Tree

23 04 2011

Aha! What a fantastic find! My son, James, and I planted the little tree that is in front of him a year ago, in a natural park in Calgary. After we planted it, we could not find it last year. Today, we were out enjoying the sun up on Nose Hill and, lo and behold, I was able to locate the tree! The one we planted a year before that died, and that was likely because James liked ‘watering’ it. I suppose weeing on the thing killed it. Anyway, it was nice to find the tree after such a cripplingly cold and crummy winter and we hope to see it grow to full maturity. We were relieved to see crocuses daring to raise their heads, too.


Dismal Doggerel

18 04 2011

The trees are wind-parched skeletons

Silently passive in their cemetery rows.

Their crackling branches grudgingly make space

For chilled robins and hoarse ebony crows.

Some crocuses tried their luck in transcending,

The driving crushes of relentless snow falls.

Again they are under the depressing blankets,

And are stubbornly entombed in defying icy halls.

Is it ever really going to be a tangible Spring,

With hope, sunshine and freedom soon,

From the endless grey skies which pound

Down upon us with compounded gloom?


8 04 2011

Have you ever gone for a walk, and gotten home with the realization that you were so wrapped up in thoughts that you did not actually focus on the walk itself? It has happened to me a lot this winter, so I made sure that I was in the Now when I went out for exercise today. It really helped to create innner peace, and was a break from the flood of thoughts that can cram my mind. I walked to the top of Nose Hill and watched clouds drift to the east, driven by a crisp westerly wind. In the background, the sky was different hues of blue and I wondered why the blue was lighter and darker in spots. It was a good five minutes I spent in the Now, watching the sky. Cloud watching is so enthralling, seeing all sorts of images morph into new ones. I then turned to the west, into the wind.

The clouds crept towards me, and I focused on the senses of sight, sounds and feeling. The wind was cool, but I could tell that the long bleak winter is waning. It was nice to see and feel the sun, and I allowed George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun to play in my mind. Indeed, it has been a long, long, lonely winter and we can all look forward to lying on the grass and watching our children play soccer soon.