Wanton Destruction

13 12 2010

I often go for wonderful walks up to Nose Hill Park in the city of Calgary. To get to its south side, there is a fantastic pedestrian foot bridge that spans over busy John Laurie Boulevard. The bridge has been called Whispering Grasses, and it is festooned on both the north and south ends with very nice artwork. This is not garish ‘modern’ art, but has a very distinctive connection to the park itself. I took the picture above this morning, and was quite outraged to¬†witness that some ignorant buffoon had spray painted ‘Kill Cops’, along with some sort of gang symbol, on top of a scene of a stampeding bison. The act is tantamount to defiling a churchyard. I hope that the Calgary Police Service catches the moron who¬†defaced the bridge, with such wanton destruction. God is going to get you! It is just a matter of time, you twit(s).