The Kinder Egg

18 09 2010

My little boy, Sunny Jim, adores Kinder Eggs. While he eagerly munches on the chocolate shell of the egg, he is full of anticipation as to what the surprise will be inside the plastic container. When he gets to the surprise, he is usually delighted! Last night, he unwrapped a ghost figurine with a tiny die inside, adding to his ‘ghost with dice collection’ arrayed on his desk. Today, he got a tiny, colourful building toy. Only when we are children can we know the naked joy of these sorts of experiences. They are special, and parents need to help make them special.

James got two eggs in two days for a good reason. When I got home from school last night, I had had a hectic, whirlwind week where it was full-on for 16 hours a day. I was really tired, after a week of being a teacher and a father. I arrived home after 6 p.m. and rushed in so that I could grab a copy of my novel, to send to a newspaper for a review. James happily asked if he could come to the post office in Shopper’s Drugmart, so he could use his saved-up coins to buy a Kinder Egg. He had been asking to buy one for days, and was excited. I replied it was fine, but that he had to eat the egg after he had finished his dinner. During dinner, he was writhing around in his seat too much and ended up falling onto the floor. The chair hitting the floor made me jump. I snarled at him. Then, he kept putting his feet up and rocking his chair, etc. I exploded and shouted, “SIT-IN-YOUR-CHAIR-PROPERLY!” He did, and then quickly finished his food. I heard him sobbing. I next saw him go retrieve his Kinder Egg from a special hiding place. Wow, did I ever feel bad about how I reacted. Yes, I was tired out. Yes, he did not listen to pleas to sit properly. I realized, however, that my reaction had wrecked his joy over finally getting the much-sought Kinder Egg. I had a flashback of what it was like when I was a boy. I remember anticipating enjoying items like James had, only to have the experience utterly destroyed by an insulting, bitter and bellowing family member. I was remorseful about losing my temper. I had James come to me, and I told him I was sorry about shouting at him and that I wanted him to enjoy the treat. He said that he had cried, but, “That’s alright, Daddy.” I bought him another Kinder Egg today, and I made sure that he enjoyed the whole experience. I really do not like it when I react negatively to things the way my parents did when I was a boy. I do not want that behaviour to continue in my family. I am grateful that I can see the behaviour, and then make efforts to make amends when it rears its horrible head. The next time James has a Kinder Egg, I am going to be careful to make it a special experience for him.




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