Changing Rooms

12 09 2010

Oh, how often we perceive a task will be straightforward and then it develops into something convoluted and complicated. The time had come. Early yesterday evening, we embarked upon a long-awaited rearrangement in the house, so all the children could have private rooms. We have two girls who are tweens (at that ‘interesting’ age), and a six-year-old boy. The move started with the eldest, who is nearly 12. When trying to determine how she wanted her chattels arranged, it was quite a Tower of Babel scenario – the parents could not understand the child and vice versa. Ultimately, it got done but we had to restrain our emotions and resist the temptation to roll our eyes. Next came the clean up of her old room, which involved gingerly taking down all the precious posters, mementoes and artwork. Then the more simple task of moving Sunny Jim into his new digs, with rock collections and other treasures just moved en mass from one room to the next. No debate about arranging furniture in this scenario. The clutter remains the same. This was nothing, however, compared with the precocious middle child. She had been in the same room for over four years, in which time the hoarding was approaching that of TV-show proportions. Shifting her things was something like a geologic study, with sedimentary layers of debris dating back to Gr. 2. After some resistance, she agreed to dump a large pile of ‘treasures’. While helping her move the golden hoard, I actually found myself spinning in circles while holding sundry items, as there really was nowhere to put them down. My wife and I became more forgiving when we pulled our things from our old room, to find incredible accumulations of dust and tumbleweed-like balls of debris. A rhetorical question is, where does it all come from? Finally, at 1:20 a.m., we gave up on the idea of getting everything sorted out. The dining room is stuffed with the furniture from the old guest room, all for sale, and the rest of the house is piled up with other things that will have to go. Really, my wife and I are tired of our house looking like a second-hand furniture storage facility. I’m all for dumping the lot! It seems like we are often doing this, and things just keep coming in to accumulate ad infinitum. Just two years ago, I gave a friend a couple of loads of furniture that was stored in our rental property’s garage. We could fill that garage again! By the way, I chose the title of this blog as ‘Changing Rooms’ because ‘changing’ can be read as a noun, verb, or, even, a gerund. We do change in our rooms, not only pertaining to clothes but in many ways. Also, my children will change the rooms as more things accumulate and their tastes change. I do not want to CHANGE rooms again for a long, long, while.




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