Meaningful Innocence

6 09 2010


Photo by Joel Duncan

Although we live in an appallingly material world, the greatest things in life cost naught. Above is a picture of my son, James, perching on every boy’s daydream – a pile of stones! The possibilities for imaginative enjoyment are boundless here! The hill of pebbles is a slide, a source of fascinating fossils, a supply of enticing sedimentary rocks for study, a boundless stockpile of projectiles, a place to create patterns of different shapes and colours. . . . It is even a place to lounge upon while studying morphing clouds, something every youngster needs to try!

The picture above was taken on Nose Hill, a gigantic urban natural park in Calgary, Alberta. Parts of the area used to be a gravel pit and the pile of stones in the picture was left when the area was designated as a public area. It is a blessing that the heap of rocks was left, as it is a wonderful destination to stroll to. Often, James will inquire “When are we going to Rock Mountain?” We go there in all seasons, and it is a fine destination if you want to pick wild strawberries or appreciate autumn. There is always wildlife around, whether it is a deer bounding about or a hawk floating in the big blue skies. From time to time, my family has found slithering garter snakes and flailing frogs around ‘Rock Mountain’.

The aspect that I most appreciate about this place is that it is where innocence reigns. The instant-gratification shopping malls, insane traffic and other modern illnesses are all pushed into the background. It is similar to the secret spaces I used to haunt in my childhood, like a hidden lean-to I created by the Sheep River. These special places are where children and their families can share meaningful experiences and be free.




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30 10 2012


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Mickey Dumont?

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